No more fighting
the sun
while driving!
Does this ever happen to you?  
Of course!
It happens to everyone on a daily basis.

That pesky sun gets around your visor!

The Problem!
The Solution!
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    Introducing the patent-pending sunBEgone visor extender.

    It is the only fully adjustable, strapless, automotive sun visor extender and ice
    scraper all in one.  It need only be slid onto the visor for 1" to hold tight.

    Why mess with awkward straps that present a problem when trying to open your
    visor mirror?   

    With sunBEgone extenders, simply slide it onto the visor and slide it around as
    the sun changes position without interfering with your mirror.  The patent
    pending design is made of a material which gives it the strength and durability
    to scrape the toughest of ice while lightweight enough to be stored on your
    visor when in the upward position.

    The top of the extender has been designed with an edge for a conveniently
    located ice scraper.

    The sunBEgone visor extender is light grey and measures 4-1/4" x 5" wide with a
    1/2" gap which easily slides onto any sun visor and holds tight.  

    Not intended for visors with built in visor extension.
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Great for long trips!
Two For One Special!
Sun Visor Extender AND
Ice Scraper in one tool!
Two For One Special!
Sun Visor Extender AND
Ice Scraper in one tool!
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2 for 1 Special